Santa Claus visits New Horizons Child Care

Santa Claus came to New Horizons School — the children enjoyed the time of their life meeting St Nick. Santa held the babies, read to the toddlers and hug the teachers encouraging them to continue the great job of care. This was the first time Santa came to New Horizons School — we expect him to come again in 2011!

See Santa at New Horizons: Gallery

3 Responses to “Santa Claus visits New Horizons Child Care”

  1. Be attentive to their needs – kids have constant needs, and they need your constant attention. When you are actually with them, put in 200% of your time and effort. Otherwise, they will notice.

  2. Matt Jackson says:

    It was a joy seeing the reactions to all the good children at New Horizon’s when Santa came to town. They were shocked and eager to tell him what was on their Christmas list. Again, it did my heart good to see such a kind gesture of asking Santa to appear and spend considerable time at New Horizons School. May God Bless the growth of your school — the children are in GREAT hands!

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